Beckett Point Fishermen's Club

Bringing Families and Friends Together Since 1939

Beckett Point is a private historic waterfront community located in Port Townsend, Washington on the shores of Discovery Bay. Since 1939, when a group of sportsmen met, purchased the land, and filed the original Articles of Incorporation, Beckett Point Fishermen’s Club has been a place where members and their families have made a home or getaway refuge for generations.

Beckett Point is surrounded by water and woods with commanding views of the Olympic Mountains. It is located in the Olympic Rain Shadow, enjoying more sun than rain. The area is also one of Washington State’s rarest prairie habitats dating back 11,000 years, with approximately 81 species of plants. Eagles soar across the bay while seals, otters, and even whales swim by our homes. Beckett Point is a place of lasting family memories and friendships with its stunning night skies, beautiful sunsets, howling storms, warm summer afternoons and a strong sense of community.

Latitude 44.0757° North 

Longitude 122.8923° West